The third International Telemark Film Festival will take place in Livigno (Italy) from the 5th until the 12th of April 2008.All genres are accepted: narrative, non narrative, documentaries, animations, experimental videos, video clips… everything that can be projected.The Festival is divided in two categories:Film (max 90 min) and Short-Film (max 15 min)Eventual exceptions regarding the film or short film duration time will be taken in consideration by the selection committee.


For both categories, film and short-film, the theme will be telemark, obviously, and everything that concerns this sport: ranging from the technical aspects to the free interpretation of this kind of discipline and, if you may…. style of life.

Selection (art 1) 

Festival selection is final and binding:All directors and producers will be informed via e-mail about the selection committee’s decisions starting 10/03/08.Results of the selection will also be posted on the official website


Entry Form (art 2)

A printed version of the entry form signed and completed in each part, along with the requested material must be sent before March 1st 2008 (date of the postmark) to the following address:Giuseppe Tassone CP 738 Torino Centro, Via Arsenale 11, 10121 Torino Italy

Requested Material (art 3)

In order to submit a film participants must send:

Entry form signed and completed in each part

1 DVD or VHS copy of the film. Pal format is accepted only

Director’s biography and filmography (max 50 words) 

Synopsis of the featured film (max 50 words)

3 photos of the film preferably in jpeg format on a CD ROM with a 300 dpi definition

All foreign movies should have Italian subtitles otherwise please send a text of the dialog in either Italian, English to be simultaneously translated

Shipping (art 4)   

Shipping costs of the requested material will be entirely covered by the entrantThe DVD/VHS sent for the selection will not be returned.All the above mentioned material must be sent by ordinary mail, express mail, or courier with the following indications:“Not for commercial value, only for cultural purposes”

The Jury (art 5)

A qualified jury formed by sport, cinema and media representative will vision all movies and select the winner of both categories.Names of the jury members will be posted on the official Awards (art 6)Best featured film: € 800Best featured short film: one week vacation for 2 in LivignoThe title “Winner of the International Telemark Film Festival, Livigno 2008,” should afterwards be mentioned in the opening credits of the winning movies.

Media and Promotion (art 7)  

The International Telemark Film Festival committee reserves the right to use all sent material for projections of a divulging, promotional, educational and cultural nature through its own website and with> any other method or known form with no financial gain involved.


General Regulation (art8)    

The present regulations are given in Italian and English. In case of incorrect interpretation, the Italian version will be held valid.The delivery of the works implies the total and unconditional acceptance of the present regulations.Informative report ex lege 675/96 (law on privacy): the Festival’s organizers are the titulars of the personal data sent. The same ones get along the treatment of personal data only for Festival participation and for information on their own activities.Ex art.13: data are at disposal for corrections and amendments.

For further information:

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