Long Movies:


“Obsession”         by Lothar Hofer

“Open Windows”  by Stephan Riendeau

 “PW 07”  by Noah Howell        


Short Movies


 “Harmelss”         by Stephane Riendeau

“On My knee for you, a Telemark Love Song for the Ages”  by Biff Higginson

“Telecube”          by Jason Manders                  

“Telemax” by Maxence Cavalade        

“The Return of the Tele-Jedis” by Lothar Hofer

“2011 Odissea nel Telespazio” by   Marco Broglia        


As you can see we have more than three short movies… it was really difficult to decide for only 3 so we just decide to double them and make our jury work more and decide among 6!  

Thank you all for sending in your movie.

Remember that our awarding night will be on Sunday April 6th at the Plaza Placheda in Livigno. Hope to see you all at the FREEHEEL Festival!

Keep tele-shooting!


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