Saskia Anley-McCallum       john-in-snow58.jpg                                                                           

 Movie: (26’):“Ski Nomads – Lebanon”(2001)    

 Four women “Ski Nomads”traverse the Lebanese Mountains with the legendary telemarker, John Falkiner. From bombed buildings, to no maps, to severe storms, Lebanon is the backdrop for the revelation of what life is like for woman who choose to forgo the conventional path of husband, career and children in order to follow their passion for their sport.  



 Jason Manders and Chris Marr    pinhead.jpg                                                                           

Short movie:  (10’):         “Pinhead Hunter”(2003)    

Telemark skiing comedy play on the Australian television series “Crocodile Hunter”.  The Pinhead Hunter takes you on an educational hunting safari to capture a wild pinhead.    

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